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Tracy Koga: I Like Hue

Updated: Jan 2

Tracy Koga is from and is the founder and co-host of her online show called Hue At Home. She used to work with Shaw Communications on Shaw TV as a Senior Host. She didn't always know she wanted to work in Television and Hosting until she got pushed by her mother to see if it might be for her. Tracy worked as a host and reported feel-good news stories. None of the stories were political or divisive as they were all community-based, they were telling stories about people from all different life experiences. Tracy had a lot of freedom when it came to reporting news stories and travelled to a lot of places such as Toronto, Montreal, Churchill and even Israel.

In this episode, Tracy talks about her past as a Shaw TV news reporter. She travelled the world and met some interesting people such as Former President Jimmy Carter through the Habitat for Humanity non-profit organization. Tracy talks about her own experience living through the COVID-19 pandemic. She details the shift in the industry that she works in due to social distancing. The full episode can be found at the top of the page on YouTube, or right above in audio form.

You can also connect with her through her Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

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