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Stop The Time Change

Updated: Jan 3

Tara Holmes is back. She was a guest on episode 18 when she told us all about matchmaking. I also found out she has been spearheading a campaign to rid British Columbians from the evils of bi-annually setting clocks back and forth. I spoke to Tara all about how the campaign is going and I ask her why I should care about this. In an interesting twist of irony, this episode is being released during the extra hour of sleep we are scheduled to get. Tara has been making the rounds in the media this week as she is a proponent of having her province remain on Daylight time throughout the year. Not a bad idea really. Until you factor in that California is considering doing the same but on "standard" time. Now there's an issue. And it's a really big issue of you are at Microsoft or Apple where software updates will have to come fast and furious to keep up with any legislation that gets passed.

Where I live, a private member's bill was put forward (without proper consultation or forethought to the implications) to set Manitoba's time to standard time year round. A really bad idea given that Manitobans don't need a 4:19am sunrise in June, nor having to end their baseball or soccer activities before 8pm in May.

See? It's complicated.

Now that you have set your clocks back, you'll forget that there was ever an issue but Monday at noon and you'll resume your normal life. Provided you didn't have a heart attack or a car accident on the way to work.

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