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Ruth Dorsainville

Updated: Jan 2

I met Ruth when she hired me to be the voice of her podcast which is set to launch shortly. While I was reading the script for the intro and the trailer, I thought: "This would make an interesting podcast." Ruth's story goes back to growing up in multi-cultural Montreal. The city has a mix of anglophones, francophone and allophones. Multi-cultural by the way, doesn't mean everyone gets along. Those early years shaped her ability to get what she wants. So often we are told "no" or "can't be done" and we believe it. Ruth believes that success is in your DNA and you can unlearn what you have learned.

Ruth is a speaker, business coach and entrepreneur. One of my favourite parts of our discussion is when she debunked the myth of the entrepreneur who makes it seem so easy all the time. I also took the liberty of taking a piece of advice that she passed along when it came to self discipline. As a result, we will be expanding our internet reach beyond podcast with some live streamed interviews on both the Sound Off Podcast and the Hot Air Podcast. It's as easy as inserting some leverage into your life to make it happen. Thanks Ruth!


To Reach Ruth to be on your podcast, Youtube Channel, or appear at your event, contact her through her website.

She also offers a free strategy call that you will likely find helpful, the same way I did.

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