Matt Gets Interviewed

Updated: Jan 2

Hey folks. how's it going? This is not Matt, unfortunately. It is I, Evan. In the podcast, I have a little blurb at the beginning explaining who I am and what I've done with Matt, but I'll give you the abbreviated version here. I'm a student on work placement with Matt's company, and I've been working for him for the last three weeks or so. This episode, I interview him to practice my podcast interviewing skills. Because of the Corona Virus, Matt and I haven't got a chance to meet or chat which sucked, so this was our chance to chat for a bit about anything.

We talk about Matt's career in radio so far. Growing up in Montreal, going to school in Nova Scotia, moving back to Montreal, moving to Edmonton, moving back to Montreal AGAIN, moving to Winnipeg. Matt's kind of a globe trotter, well, maybe a Canada trotter? Is that a thing? Although, he speaks some Spanish, so let's go with globe trotter. That sounds more fun. We talk a lot about rock music — which I absolutely appreciated — and the changing nature of music distribution. We also talk about some bands like Tool, Rush, and The Tragically Hip.


Here's a Tool song if you've never heard of them. They're awesome. This is one of their best tracks in my humble opinion.


So that's it! thanks again to Matt for having me it was a lot of fun and not ideal circumstances, but we made it work. If you wanted to get a hold of me for audio work or anything, check out my website at, LinkedIn at, or Twitter at


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