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Lanora Lennon: Goat Yoga and Other Variations

Updated: Jan 3

Lanora is one of my favourite yoga instructors; probably because she turned me onto Osho. So I am leaning on her to tell me about what's yoga, and what isn't. Naked yoga, dog yoga, and now goat yoga. Lanora's answers surprised me and I was just happy we could hash it out over a cup of tea. Also inside this episode, I confronted Lanora about her infatuation with Skid Row's Sebastian Bach. She also turned me on to something I never knew about "Coming out" as a homosexual person; that it needs to be done more than once. Not everyone gets to come out on Ellen in front of the world.

This came up again on the Jonny Staub episode of my other show, The Sound Off Podcast. I used the clip with Lanora to reiterate what Jonny was going through as a performer.


Lenora's business is Thrive Pets which you can find here. As you heard on the show, she loves dogs and I have seen her tending to people's loved ones in and around the city. She also still teaches yoga in and around Winnipeg. You can also follow her on Instagram although she hasn't posted yet but we will be there if she does.

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