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The Back To School Blues

Updated: Jan 4

It seems that the "Back-to-School" season starts about a week after summer vacation begins. And with constant reminders that summer is coming to a close starting in early July, it ramps up the stress level for teenagers, while irritating the rest of us. Kerri Gaskin is a counsellor at Coverdale Counselling and Consulting in Moncton, New Brunswick. She shares some of her best strategies for parents of teenagers in dealing with the anxiety associated with going back to school.

The alternate title for this show was, "Can you believe what kids and parents have to deal with today?"

For those fortunate enough to live in the Moncton area, Kerri is offering a workshop that combines the personal nature of a journal with the focus of a strategic plan. You’ll begin with a group discussion and journaling to develop your desires, and then discuss with the group of so you are clear on your goals for this school year. Then you’ll create a personalized goal book to bring focus and direction to your goals. This is a revolution in goal-planning from the heart!

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