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Karla's Boobs Are Killing Her

Updated: Jan 3

I first got to know Karla in the summer of 2018. We met at our friend Gestur's 50th. Actually there's a whole episode dedicated to that wonderful party. Karla was the other podcaster at the party with a show called "Stand Up Speak Up". We immediately hit it off and searched for ways to work together. Over the course of a few months, Karla and I worked on a few episodes and I got to narrate two of the more recent episodes.

Then Karla got sick. Actually she had been sick for a few years and the doctor's missed it.

In this episode, you'll hear all about Karla's love for Lake of the Woods, her time in the cell phone industry, her foray into tech, why she started her podcast and spun off her greatest podcast accomplishment into a new podcast called Finding Shelley Desrochers, and about the cancer she lives with. Karla has also started a brand new podcast called, My Boobs Are Trying to Kill Me.

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If you would like to e-mail Karla some words of support, or if you have any information on Finding Shelley Desrochers, please e-mail Karla through the Stand Up Speak Up Website - or

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