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The Wonderful Life of a Hockey Wife

Updated: Jan 4

You know the TV show Hockey Wives? It features a rotating cast of 7 or 8 hockey wives, their family life and struggles with players going on the road, managing on their own - and the pressures - yes there are pressures - of trying to live a normal life on a planet revolving around hockey.

I watched season 1 of Hockey Wives.

I Pvr'd season 2 and didn't get into season 3. Then I realized i had a podcast and said - hey... i know a hockey wife. Back in 2006 when Brandon Reid played for the Manitoba Moose, he would pop by the radio station i was working at. I met once sat beside his future wife while getting a pedicure, and if youre asking why I was getting a pedicure - it's because i took my soccer playing seriously. way too seriously.

Fast forward to today, and the two of them got married, and Brandon's career went from the Vancouver Canucks, to Dusseldorf Germany, to the Swiss League, to Hamburg, then the lucrative KHL where a career ending injury had Brandon entering the coaching ranks. In that time, Jessica was - a hockey wife, but you might know her as a freelance writer having her works appear in MacLeans, the CBC, the National Post and countless others. she's written about being a hockey wive, a vegan, and most recently about the treatment of animals.

I spoke to her in between her daughter's naps from her summer residence in Montreal's Le Plateau.


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