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Dora Lobo, Sommelier. Wine Enthusiast

Updated: Jan 2

Dora Lobo was a lawyer and admits she didn't love it. She does love wine and has turned her passion into a career. Dora got her start in the wine after moving to London in 2006 and working as a Junior Sommelier for one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants. (Yes we forgot to ask about that experience) She was also hired for the launch of the luxury store Harrod’s wine department. (Betcha didn't know they even had one) After working as head sommelier for one of the leading luxury hotels in the world, Dora moved to Washington, DC and started working at The Tabard Inn as their Sommelier and Restaurant Manager and is now the Beverage Director for The Catering Company of Washington, selecting wines for private clients and Elizabeth’s Gone Raw.

In this episode, Matt asks Dora many questions about the mysteries of wine and pairing. His biggest takeaway? Get rid of the stupid Wine apps on his phone.

What we drank:

Dora had Vouvray, a Chenin Blanc from the Loire Valley in France

Matt had Wittmann 2018 Trocken Weisser Burgunder (Rheinhessen)

We hope to have Dora back on the show to show Matt how to make a decent Old Fashioned. Special thanks to Cathy Heller for introduction through her Facebook group. Cathy has an amazing podcast called "Don't Keep Your Day Job ".

You can connect with Dora on her Instagram or LinkedIn.


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