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Christian Zyp: Don't Tell Me What Love Can Do

Matt catches up with his good friend Christian Zyp.

The pair met in Edmonton when they were five years old and became voracious Van Halen fans in their teens.

Years later, Zyp, a high school drama teacher, fell ill with meningitis only two weeks before his students were set to perform a stage version of Night of the Living Dead.

The infection ravaged Zyp’s body and he awoke in the hospital to find both his legs and his right thumb amputated.

Zyp describes his hazy memories of being in a six-week-long medically induced coma and the physical trials he’s gone through to regain his mobility.

Through all his struggle, Zyp maintained a positive attitude

His medical journey is documented on the Facebook page Zyp's support group. The page was started by one of Zyp's students and was regularly updated by Zyp's wife, Trina Heron.

Reflecting on his brush with death, Zyp talks about the importance of family, friends and community with honesty, emotion and humour.


A message posted by Trina Heron during the second night of Zyp's battle with meningitis.


The staff at Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital honour Zyp with a Courage Award for being a such a positive and determined patient during his long recovery from meningitis.


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