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Carson Milberg: Post-Ed Goes Beyond Education

Updated: Jan 3

Carson is a student at the University of Victoria and is the founder of Post-Ed, a #platform that licenses software to post-secondary institutions to help them retain students by connecting them to all the clubs, events and scholarships that are right for them to bolster their academic success. The App just finished its first lap around the track with usage at the #University of Manitoba. Despite that perceived limitation the team behind the app was able to build a community of 2,000 active users interacting with 649 events over 73,000 times, making a large impact on the awareness and attendance of many of the opportunities available on campus.

Post-Ed is a community resource for post-secondary students who can get curated, fluid access to all the community events that interest them, and financial aid which they are eligible for. Often students are unaware of the clubs, events and activities that happen on campus, and the app is way to bring information to students. If you have taken a walk across campus, you see eyes are down on the phone and they aren't listening to the #campus radio station or reading the student newspaper in the Student Union Building. Carson spoke to us about the creation and what lies ahead.

If your university of would like to know more about the Post-Ed App, reach out to Carson by e-mailing him, or connecting with him via LinkedIn.

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