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Curious About Clare

Updated: Jan 3

Clare Newman worked in the music industry for companies that carried big music industry swagger. Companies like HMV and Polygram. The latter was gobbled up by Universal and she later went on to become a private investigator and then she started teaching various forms of yoga, diving into reiki and aromatherapy as well. All that is a long way from driving artists around to radio stations and vying for top display at record stores in the 90's.

I was curious enough to find out what Clare had been up to for the last 20 years since her first yoga class in Edmonton, and how she is thriving in the bedroom community of Saint Albert, Alberta. Turns out she is doing just fine with a number of businesses in the field of heath and wellness.


mindfull mess podcast

Clare is a single mother of 3 kids, mompreneur, spiritual wanderer and a hot mess. She weaves together her stories of being a single mother to three vivacious and spirited children, challenges of being a mompreneur as well as her spiritual pursuits and trainings for the past 20 years. She is known for her humble truths about life and love, her hilarious and raw sense of humour as well as her compassion to those dealing with the challenges of every day LIFE. Clare is a yoga instructor and teacher trainer for over 14 years and owns , a global yoga training academy. She is also the host of the Mindful Mess Podcast which you can connect to by clicking on the image.


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