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Just Say No To Keto

Updated: Jan 3

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Marla Barr is the Detox Yogi and our go to for questions related to all things diet and health. She's a food scientist. So she knows this stuff. The Keto diet has been all the rage and has kicked into high gear with 2019 getting underway. After learning about what the diet entails, I had to clear my mind and ask Marla what this diet is all about, why people perceive success with it, and how sustainable is it?

In this episode you will hear the good, the bad and the ugly about this diet. Marla also gives you a roadmap to get off this diet and shift into something more balanced.

Connect with Marla on her podcast, Instagram, Twitter and check out her offerings on her website for a truly better you in 2019 with one of her V.I.P. Wellness programs.

I also touched on the Twitter spat better Al Roker and Jillian Michaels as they "weigh in" on the Keto diet. Marla reinforced that not all body types are the same and will have different reactions to different foods. And... eat whole foods!



Just Say YES to Keto

And as coincidences occur, another podcast in our group hosted by Lianne Laing released an episode featuring Genevieve Castonguay. It speaks to many of the virtues of the Keto Diet.

Lianne wrote: One of the “buzz” words of the last year or so has been “Keto”– whether it's referencing the Ketogenic diet or Keto lifestyle or ketones in general. The Keto Goddess herself Genevieve Castonguay helps us understand all aspects of this way of life. Genevieve is referred to as a Ketogenic Lifestyle Coach which, is in addition to her other health and wellness projects like MOVECAMP and personal training. Her transformation into this lifestyle is quite fascinating, from her initial interest, to endless studying to having the right tools to implement this into her life. She helps us understand the “Why and How” of this way of life. If Keto has ever peaked your interest – she has the information you need.


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