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Why Go Vegan in 2019

Updated: Jan 3

Jessica Scott-Reid was not born vegan. But she tells us her journey of how she got there. We spoke with her back in Episode 5 about her life as a hockey wife. I knew she was an advocate of animal rights and led a solid vegan lifestyle, and wanted to save this episode for when the time was right. It turns out that 2019 is that time.

MacLeans Magazine has declared that 2019 is the year of the Vegan, and her article which was published just before Christmas made the social media rounds just as Canada was sitting down to turkey dinners. Her appearance on Charles Adler's show nationwide caused consternation and some nasty social media hate; all for suggesting people consider plants.

In this episode, I speak to Jessica about a few of the values I have grown up with surrounding meat, and ask her about why a vegan lifestyle is all about the future.


Jessica appeared on the Corus Radio Network with Charles Adler and here was the interview that caused a Christmas social media shitstorm.

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