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The Matchmaker Tara Holmes

Updated: Jan 4

tara holmes cundill

The episode is a follow up to the previous one - which you should listen to first before listening to this one.

Tara Holmes heard the previous episode and it confirmed what she has known about dating apps. Which is why she started the matchmaking company Holmes is Where the Heart Is, serving Kamloops, British Columbia. Tara empathized with Allison's dating plight and shared our episode - which led me wondering: What is Matchmaking?

In this episode, we talked about why Matchmaking is making a come back, how the process works, and what success looks like. To find a Matchmaker near use, just use Google and read the reviews carefully; not all matchmakers are created equally.

Tara also mention this study about choices during the podcast, and promised I would share it in the show notes.


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