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Dating Apps Are Full of Dipshits

Updated: Jan 4

When Allison Currie decided to start dating again, she found was things had changed from the last time she had been in circulation. The creation of dating apps changed the dating landscape. No problem, Allison is highly adaptable and has a smart phone. Her foray into the dating world started with Match, then Tinder and then Bumble. What she found was enough strange behaviour to write a book. She hasn't written the book yet, but it was enough to appear on this podcast.

Allison's story is one of many in a dating world that features the circulation of lewd photos, the acceptance of "ghosting", and bad behaviour. Many of these have been explored in the past on a favourite podcast of mine, Why Oh Why with Andrea Silenzi. We even try to break down if the apps are just permission for men to behave badly in advance of getting to the relationship.


Finally, I suspect that there are tales to be told from other side about females behaving badly on dating apps - if you want to tell your story, just e-mail me.

Allison lives just outside of Edmonton, Alberta and has discontinued using dating apps... for now. You can meet her organically or connect with her on Twitter.

If you would like Allison to join you on your radio show or podcast, click here to e-mail her.


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