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Win Kelly Charles, Author and Snowboarder

Updated: Jan 4

I was introduced to Win Kelly Butler one day when she sent me a note and said, "I want you to come on my podcast".

The podcast is called Ask Win and I did just that; asking some curious questions about what drives her to do the things that most of us figured she couldn't do. Things like write books, record multiple podcasts and snowboard. Win has cerebral palsy and doesn't see it as a barrier to living the way she wants to. I am not one to keep a scorecard but yeah - I'm keeping a scorecard.

Books written: Win 7 Matt 0

Podcasts: Win 3 Matt 2

Journalism degrees: Win 1 Matt 0. (A political science degree is not a journalism degree)

Snowboards: Win 1 Matt 1

As you can see, she and I have a lot in common and I am adding her to the list of people who inspire me to get my shit together and get on with getting on with it.

If you would like to connect with Win, she loves twitter. The rest of the connections to her books and podcasts are linked above.

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