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Marla is Back and Talks Men's Health

Updated: Jan 4

Marla Barr is the Detox Yogi and host of the podcast Your Wellness Journey. She stopped by to talk about Men's Health one morning. Movember is has become an annual ritual for men to break down the barriers that prevent them from talking about health. But Marla goes even further than just a one month awareness campaign. She says it starts with how young men are raised and taught to express themselves. So often we tell boys not to cry and express emotion when they are in pain, a practice that runs against what a healthy body needs.

We also dig into talking about the benefit of sports for young men, and how it creates a healthier mind.


Marla is offering her monthly Detox Program for $99!

(And no the video does not play upside down, the thumbnail is like that for some reason)


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