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The Montreal Expos' Blue Monday

Updated: Jan 4

Every Montreal Expos Fan remembers the day. October 19th, 1981. Rick Monday's Home Run in the top of the ninth in Game 5 of the National League Division Series was the beginning of the end of this cherished baseball franchise. Fans waited ten years for the next crop of players to make a run at the World Series; which culminated in a strike that squashed the Expos hopes again in 1994. In this podcast, I speak with Danny Gallagher about his book and intertwine my memories from that era with the conversation.

Danny Gallagher has written books about both. His latest book is called "The Expos, The Dodgers, and the Home Run That Changed Everything. He spoke with us about that great period in Expos from 1979-81 where the Expos came close every year, but never made it to the World Series.

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If you want to view an great documentary on what the team was all about and how it was different, The Colorful Montreal Expos is a wonderful piece narrated by Montrealer William Shatner from 2016. The scenes with Cliff Floyd, Warren Cromartie, Andre Dawson and Tim Raines gathered around the table talking about the old day is awesome.


It is safe to say that Montreal was never the same after this. Maybe if they had won in 1994 it would have eased the pain, but a whole new set of pain arose.

There have been countless pieces put together on Blue Monday. Danny's book and this podcast are the latest. Here are a few other periodicals about Blue Monday.

The Now defunct Grantland featured an excerpt from Jonah Keri's book: Up Up and Away.

A Blogpiece from Tom Hoffarth from 2012 details the day from a Dodger point of view.

A 2014 blogpiece from Trophy Lives.


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