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What's with the Kneeling?

Updated: Jan 4

The NFL Season is upon us again and the league finds itself in a controversy for the third year in a row. This time Nike has released an advance copy of their TV ad on YouTube, days before the kickoff to the season. Once again, America is caught up in this odd debate over whether kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful or a form of free speech.

America has essentially lost its mind. That's when I decided to call up my friend Melz on the Mic in Killeen, Texas. He does the midday show at Kiss 103.1FM - to a largely African American audience in a city where military presence is plentiful with Fort Hood next door. Melz is a veteran of the 2003 Iraq War and has first hand experience with profiling from the police. He's lived the issue from both sides of the flag. Melz told me about a numnber of hypocracies inside the issue that we never consider everyday.

Enjoy the commercial. Enjoy the Football Season.


The New Nike Ad featuring Colin Kaepernick and his voice work.


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